TraumaSim Turns 15 with Glittering Reflections and Reviews

9th Nov 2023

TraumaSim Turns 15 with Glittering Reflections and Reviews

As we approached our 15-year milestone we spent time reflecting and reminiscing about the adventures over the years and the exceptional people we have had the privilege of working with.

The early years of TraumaSim were represented by a tenacious Nola Pearce, who’s hunger to provide the very best Moulage and realistic simulation ensured Nola and TraumaSim’s names were being spoken in excited tones throughout the corridors of our Australian Defence Force. As our reputation grew so did the exposure and the level of appreciation for what TraumaSim could bring to the training field.

15 years on we have worked with some of the most dedicated and advanced teams across a myriad of industries including: Military, Police, Emergency Services, Universities, Hospitals and the First Aid Training arena. All have posed their own challenges but TraumaSim have always stepped up to the challenge and delivered to the highest standard with world class services and products. The future looks bright with a growing global footprint but we have never forgotten where we came from and the people who helped us get to where we are today. 

Reaching out to several of our past comrades we asked for some words to welcome us into the 15th year of our work life and the words that have been returned has been truly humbling and empowering. Nola and the Team at TraumaSim are proud of our humble beginnings but we are equally proud of the reputation we now possess. Please enjoy the following reflections and kind words sent to us by some but not all of our important friends, these words give you a glimpse into the importance of TraumaSim and express the depth of our contribution to saving lives: 

Nathan Grumley - Warrant Officer Class One - Brigade Senior Medical Technician

Saving the life of a soldier is an uncommon gift beyond measure, it is an act of tenacity and heroism that touches the hearts of few. 

The ability to deliver essential medical care and snatch our bravest from the cold fingers of death is an inspiring achievement that can only be attained through unyielding dedication to the highest standards, relentless training, and the tireless work of those who ensure that our first responders are equipped with the very best tools. To recreate and simulate the trauma experienced in combat wounding has prepared our best and brightest, and our bravest to face the uncertainty of combat, and act when the unforgiving minute demands our care. 

It is with profound gratitude that I personally acknowledge the instrumental role played by Trauma Sim, central to which are the remarkable efforts of Nola and her exceptional team that has kept us safe when doing very dangerous work. Your personal support and unwavering commitment have undoubtedly been the difference between life and death for countless young soldiers on the battlefield. 

In the harsh deserts of Afghanistan, the dense and unforgiving jungles of Southeast Asia, the chaotic urban landscapes of Iraq, and the pretty villages of the Pacific, your collective efforts have underpinned our ability to bring our friend’s home. The knowledge that you stand behind our soldiers, ready to empower them with the tools and expertise we need to return home to our families, is a source of immense comfort and reassurance. In preparation for the conflicts of the future your expertise is pivotal to our success. 

Nola, you and your team are the unsung heroes, ensuring that our young lives are not prematurely cut short on these challenging battlegrounds. Your personal dedication to preserving life is a testament to the best of humanity, and we owe you an immeasurable debt of gratitude. Your tireless work, curiosity for innovation and unwavering support embodies the very essence of heroism, and for this, we are forever thankful. Congratulations on your every success, I look forward to doing great work with you again soon, and sharing a big warm hug. 

Dustin Osborne - Co-Chair of the Law Enforcement Officer Medical Working Group at Australian Tactical Medical Association 

Happy 15th!! This milestone event and your success generally is no surprise. Your dedication to creating your products continues to play a significant role in building educated, capable and resilient individuals who have the skills to save lives and reduce injury. It’s true humanitarian work. Thanks for what you do, Nola 

Andy Panes Director - National Institute of First Aid Trainers - Paradise First Aid - The First Aid Shop - The First Aid Group 

Nola, you have established yourself and TraumaSim as a global leader in the field of trauma simulation and moulage. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team and watch your business grow. Congratulations on what you have achieved over the past 15 years and I look forward to seeing what still lies ahead for TraumaSim. 

Sven Stollenwerk - Head of Sales - 1MOA - Germany 

Happy 15th Anniversary! Nola, congratulations to this achievement! Although we know each other for less than two years now, we were fortunate to witness your passion for medical training at several exhibitions and events. TraumaSim not only offers great products, but also brings the experience and knowledge making the company unique. You and your team really live Realism and we are all looking forward to the next 15 years! 

Greg Brown - General Manager - Education, ACT Ambulance Service 

It would have been easy in the early days to confuse her as the Angel of Death; Afterall, whenever I saw her, she was covered in blood, packing stainless steel instruments, creating realistic looking extras from a chainsaw massacre film, and always searching for ways to make the blood spurt further! But in reality, it was just the lovely Nola, helping us train the next group of soldiers to deploy into harm's way and to better treat their comrades. From day 1, her work was genius, her eye for detail exquisite, and her recognition of talent exceptional. Now, you cannot go to a medical conference anywhere in the world without seeing the influence of TraumaSim - and when you think medical effects, you think Nola. Happy work birthday, Nola! 

Ben Royal Australian Army Medical Corps 

Congratulations on your 15th birthday! TraumaSim’s incredible products have made a lasting impact on the training and lifesaving actions of many Australian Army personnel. Coupled with Nola’s passion and dedication to her craft, deploying Australian soldiers have benefitted from the last 15 years of innovation and excellence from the TraumaSim team. Thank you for your continued support – happy 15th birthday! 

Elizabeth Mathews - OAM Director of Collective Training/Exercise Coordination & preparedness ACT 

Trauma Sim - WOW what an organisation that has gone from strength to strength. All those years ago Nola when I first met you at one of our heath exercises as we prepared Defence personnel to deploy overseas. By creating realistic wound suites that they could manage under pressure as if they were in a live war fighting environment treating casualties. Your tenacity, infectious attitude towards your work, being able to test and adjust, your flexibility and adaptability to produce alternate solutions to enhance the battle scene was outstanding. I absolutely loved working with you and am in aww knowing what you have achieved over the years. Going strength to strength, backing yourself and constantly achieving greatness. I admire you and your beautiful nature and demeanour continues to impress all that come in contact with you. Huge congratulations on reaching this milestone. 

Serge DeSilva - Ranasinghe Founder & Managing Editor - WA DEFENCE REVIEW 

Congratulations to Nola Pearce and the team at TraumaSim for achieving such a monumental accomplishment! It is no mean feat to run a successful business for 15 years, which has grown from strength to strength and achieved export success too. WA DEFENCE REVIEW is proud to be associated with an enduring Australian success story, which has set an outstanding example to us all as to what perseverance means. 

Robert Fowler - AERO Healthcare Associate Director – Sales 

Congratulations to Nola Pearce and the TraumaSim team on their remarkable 15 years of dedicated service. Working with Nola has been an absolute pleasure, and her commitment to providing more realistic training and simulation products is truly inspiring. Your passion for improving practical skills training in the healthcare and emergency services fields is commendable. Here's to a bright future filled with even more innovative solutions that save lives and enhance training. Best wishes for continued success!! 

Bronwyn O'Hara Mediquip Healthcare Simulation Product Specialist – ANZ 

I have felt extremely grateful to have known Nola for the past 10 years and have had the chance to work closely alongside her in most recent years. Nola is one of the most kind and loyal people I have met and her commitment to excellence is inspirational. I feel proud of everything she has accomplished over the years and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Trauma Sim. Congratulations on 15 years!!!

Bruce Edwards Ambassador to Ukraine & Moldova Australian Embassy – Kyiv

Congratulations to TraumaSim on its fifteenth birthday! The Australian Embassy was delighted to partner with TraumaSim in sourcing emergency torniquet training equipment to support the efforts of first aid practitioners and combat medics in Ukraine. We were overwhelmed by the generosity and willingness of Nola Pearce to bolster our own assistance, to expand our reach, and ensure the greatest number of people could benefit from the life-saving expertise and knowledge afforded by TraumaSim products.

Jeremy Holder Founder of TacMed Emergency Medical Equipment, Training & Services

After working with Nola for the past 15 years, I don’t think you’ll find a nicer person in the industry. I first worked with Nola as an Army Medic teaching soldiers massive bleeding control using her TQ Trainer and now 15 years later still using (and selling!) that same device to save lives. Congrats on this milestone.

Andrea Rembor Leader and part owner of Roraco Austria

Congratulation to this very supportive and innovative company! It is a great honour to have such a valuable partnership.

Thank you to all who have joined us on this journey, and we look forward to meeting new inspiring people as we continue our quest. 

Realism Matters!