Moulage Services & Workshops


Moulage, French for casting or molding, is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training emergency response teams and other medical and military personnel. The application of moulage in a scenario dramatically increases the realism required to overcome the initial shock factor when responding to a real-life emergency situation.

The highly experienced TraumaSim team have been delivering moulage services and workshops to a variety of military, medical and emergency response personnel around the world since 2008.

Having trained internationally in Advanced Moulage and Disaster Exercise Design in the United States, we are confident our skills and abilities are leading the industry globally, resulting in only the most advanced knowledge, techniques, materials and tools being applied in our services and training workshops.

Our moulage services can be engaged to apply medically accurate wounds and injuries to your own manikins or role players, creating a realistic scenario to support your training outcomes. Alternatively, we offer engaging and informative hands-on workshops where we teach you, or your team, to turn a manikin or live role player into a realistic casualty.

Whilst moulage provides a solution to a serious matter, our workshops are conducted in a fun and friendly environment which allows students to repeat and practice the application techniques in a safe and controlled matter, and are also a great team building exercise.

The above services and workshops are offered globally with the additional convenience of bringing everything to you! Whether it’s a basic or advanced course, we will work with you to facilitate training onsite at your premises, promising a smooth and efficient training session that meets your required outcomes.

Our courses are offered in skill levels ranging from basic to advanced, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

To assist with adding realism to your moulage, we offer numerous silicone wounds made from high quality, durable materials with medically accurate detailing. The tapered edges assist with application and blending, creating a seamless look on your talent. These wounds can be washed with warm soapy water and reused many times. See more here:

As an authorised Ben Nye distributor, we use only the best moulage tools and materials, and are proud to have developed our very own TraumaSim Casualty FX Moulage Palette – boasting 8 of our favourite colours for the best moulage application!

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