About Us

Since 2008, TraumaSim have been providing medically accurate products and services designed to simulate realistic wounds, injuries and medical conditions that assist in the training and assessment of medics, first responders and healthcare professionals around the globe.

The use of simulation in modern healthcare is a vast and growing industry, driven by professionals who are passionate about the quality of training students receive and their level of preparedness when entering the field.

Realism within simulation and training significantly improves student retention, improving mental resilience and the response to major trauma events, enabling the first responder to act quickly and save lives! This improved response significantly increases the chances of survival whilst greatly reducing the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on attending personnel.

Training, once thought only suitable for our military and emergency services personnel, is now being provided to civilians in the hope to upskill and provide everyday first responders with the skills to save lives. A necessary response to the world we live in today with TraumaSim’s products and services being vital to this.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, offering a bespoke service to develop specific wounds, injuries, medical conditions or task trainers to suit your requirements. We have worked closely with many organisations, including medical, military and emergency services, and are confident we have the know-how to bring your vision to life.

National and international military operations are an ongoing source of inspiration and we continue to assist these organisations with developing strong simulated environments, via products and services, to add realism to their training – greatly improving skills retention and resilience.

In 2019, TraumaSim Pty Ltd acquired Military Moulage Casualty Injury Simulation in the United States, a local business offering quality moulage products and training to the American Defence Force and national civilians. Originally founded by Suzanna Patterson, an Emmy Award Winning makeup artist who is a long time veteran of moulage/special makeup effects with a well known reputation in the film and television industry for her casualty simulation work and inventive expertise.

Now run by Nola Pearce, a world leading moulage specialist who has created over 20,000 wound simulations for various military and emergency training exercises and scenarios, Trauma Simulation Group LLC was born and is now servicing our American customers, and others around the world. For more information on Military Moulage, please check out the page here: Military Moulage CIS

Built on the backbone of healthcare, nursing and first aid training, our work reflects clinical accuracy and prioritises this over special effects and theatrical or film dramatization.



At TraumaSim, we hire professionals who we know will serve both the needs of the business and our customers, and who have the same passion for improving practical skills training within all emergency services and healthcare fields.

The nursing and clinical background evident in our medically accurate catalogue of items is complimented by Perth’s best creatives who manufacture our realistic products using only the best materials, tools and techniques before adding the detail and finesse to our wounds, injuries and moulage services.




NOLA PEARCE |  Founder &  Director

As the brains and passion behind TraumaSim Group, Nola has achieved a Bachelor of Nursing, a Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing, a Certificate of Hyperbaric Nursing plus held a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment that enabled delivery and assessment of nationally accredited courses.

After 16 years of nursing, Nola moved into First Aid training where she specialised in curriculum development and Advanced First Aid training for the maritime and process industries. However, not confident that her students were really ready for the real world response they were preparing for, Nola embarked on her mission to design and manufacture realistic training aids that would aid in improved training delivery and outcomes for both students and patients.

Also undertaking studies and training in Moulage and Disaster Exercise Design training in the U.S, Nola drew on her medical background to bring realism to the art of casualty simulation and has successfully delivered over 20,000 casualty simulations for training scenarios around the world.

Collaborating with Universities, Medical Colleges and various other education and training establishment, Nola is passionate about her work and the solutions the business can provide for all first responders and emergency personnel around the world.


CAM DUMESNY |  Director

Cam is a highly experienced advocate, most recently demonstrated within the transport and technology industries, and is skilled in marketing management, negotiation, business planning, sales and customer relationships.

As a graduate of Royal Military College Duntroon (1984) and the Royal Military College of Science UK, he served for 17 years in the Australian Defence Force, including attachments to both the UK and US Forces.

With a degree from UNSW (Mil), a post graduate in Marketing (Supply Chain), plus a conferred masters for Predictive Modelling, Cam has held senior executive roles in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Research & Development and Technology and has lived and worked in Asia, USA and the UK as had had the pleasure of being a guest lecturer at Melbourne, Monash, Deakin and Griffith Universities.

Passionate about safety, performance and resilience within all industries, and the health of all fellow Australians, Cam is TraumaSim’s biggest and strongest ambassador, growing relationships and opportunities around the globe.


BELINDA RENNIE |  Operations Manager

Moving on from Curtin University’s School of Health as a Simulation laboratory Assistant, Belinda is an enrolled Nurse who is passionate about improving the care received by patients and values realistic training and simulation to achieve better outcomes in all areas of clinical care! 

With an eye for detail and precision, Belinda is instrumental in TraumaSim's realism and clinical vision. Supporting the production team with her medical experience, ensuring a streamlined approached to operations, improving customer relations and working across all facets of the business, Belinda welcomes all the challenges thrown her way.

Having been tasked with ensuring our customers are heard and looked after, including product and service information and/or improvements, Belinda is keen to speak to you about your challenge and what solution we can provide.


       Tessa Laing

TESSA LAING |  Production Coordinator

Tessa has completed a Bachelor of Performing Arts, specialising in Props and Scenery Construction at WAAPA and has also gained qualifications in Silicone Prosthetics and Foam Latex Prosthetics. Her talent and creativity have overflowed into Puppetry and foam fabrication, working as a freelance specialist outside of her role at TraumaSim.

Tessa’s exceptional skills spread across all facets of the TraumaSim business including Mould making, Sculpting, Silicone work, Painting, Airbrushing and as a Moulage Technician working out in the field. Her eye for detail and precision is a true asset.

Tessa brings many strengths to the TraumaSim team including leadership, organisation and technical knowledge. Maintaining operations in the workshop including improving efficiency, quality and capabilities has seen her gain the trust and respect of all her colleagues. 


LAUREN BUCHEL |  Production Technician

Working across the theatre scene and then moving into the world of Amputee prosthetics, Lauren’s eye for detail and realism has been fine-tuned and developed. Assisting amputees during their difficult transitions and specialising in Silicone work, painting, skin matching and tattoos, her skills soon progressed, and her next challenge was needed.

Lauren has brought her Diploma in Visual Arts and Bachelor of Performing Arts, specialising in Props and Scenery Construction at WAAPA into the TraumaSim production team. Her eye for detail and the effort she puts into custom wounds and training aid development is unmatched. Specialising in realistic wound interpretations and painting effects, Lauren is a valued member of the TraumaSim team.


RICHARD HATWELL |  Production Technician

Rich is the most recent to join the TraumaSim team. He brings a wide range of skills and knowledge surrounding fibre glassing, large scale mould making and high detail, lifelike painting. Working within television, museums, and zoos to create lifelike models of animals and creatures, his skills in realistic painting and problem solving is now being put to good use within our production team.

Rich is an allrounder, bringing life experiences and expertise across the board.







SAM ADDICOTT |  Production Technician

 Having worked across many creative mediums and specialising in Fabrics and Pattern making. Sam brings her seamstress and manufacturing skills to the team, incorporating her visual arts degree and tailoring apprenticeship into a combination we value highly. Her skills and calm manor were fine-tuned while running art classes for aged care recipients and designing for a sportwear company.

 Sam’s cool, calm and collected personality make her the perfect fit for the uniqueness of the TraumaSim environment. 





ALI PRICE |  Moulage Technician (ACT)

Ali is an interstate Moulage Technician who holds the following qualifications:

  • Moulage Technician
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Associate Diploma in Health Science (Natural Skin Care)
  • Diploma in Makeup Artistry




JULIE BEVERIDGE |  Role Player / Amputee (QLD)

Julie has been assisting us as a Casualty Role Player for many years and we couldn’t have done the amazing live simulations to the standard we have without her!

Role Players and Standardized patients play a critical role in the overall simulation and ad greatly to any training scenario.



 MELISSA ROGERS |  Moulage Technician (QLD)

Melissa is an interstate Moulage Technician who holds the following qualifications

  • Moulage Technician
  • Bachelor of Paramedicine - Federation University
  • Bachelor of Nursing - University New England