About Us

Since 2008, TraumaSim have been providing medically accurate products and services designed to simulate realistic wounds, injuries and medical conditions that assist in the training and assessment of medics, first responders and healthcare professionals around the globe.

The use of simulation in modern healthcare is a vast and growing industry, driven by professionals who are passionate about the quality of training students receive and their level of preparedness when entering the field.

Realism within simulation and training significantly improves student retention, improving mental resilience and the response to major trauma events, enabling the first responder to act quickly and save lives! This improved response significantly increases the chances of survival whilst greatly reducing the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on attending personnel.

Training, once thought only suitable for our military and emergency services personnel, is now being provided to civilians in the hope to upskill and provide everyday first responders with the skills to save lives. A necessary response to the world we live in today with TraumaSim’s products and services being vital to this.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, offering a bespoke service to develop specific wounds, injuries, medical conditions or task trainers to suit your requirements. We have worked closely with many organisations, including medical, military and emergency services, and are confident we have the know-how to bring your vision to life.

National and international military operations are an ongoing source of inspiration and we continue to assist these organisations with developing strong simulated environments, via products and services, to add realism to their training – greatly improving skills retention and resilience.

In 2019, TraumaSim Pty Ltd acquired Military Moulage Casualty Injury Simulation in the United States, a local business offering quality moulage products and training to the American Defence Force and national civilians. Originally founded by Suzanna Patterson, an Emmy Award Winning makeup artist who is a long time veteran of moulage/special makeup effects with a well known reputation in the film and television industry for her casualty simulation work and inventive expertise.

Now run by our Nola Pearce, a world leading moulage specialist who has created over 15,000 wound simulations for various military and emergency training exercises and scenarios, Trauma Simulation Group LLC was born and is now servicing our American customers, and others around the world. For more information on Military Moulage, please check out the page here: Military Moulage CIS

Built on the backbone of healthcare, nursing and first aid training, our work reflects clinical accuracy and prioritises this over special effects and theatrical or film dramatization.



At TraumaSim, we hire professionals who we know will serve both the needs of the business and our customers, and who have the same passion for improving practical skills training within all emergency services and healthcare fields.

The nursing and clinical background evident in our medically accurate catalogue of items is complimented by Perth’s best creatives who create our realistic products using only the best materials, tools and techniques before adding the detail and finesse to our wounds, injuries and moulage services.





Nola holds a Bachelor of Nursing, Hyperbaric Nursing Certificate, a Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing and a Cert IV in Training & Assessment.

After 16 years of nursing she moved to First Aid training where she specialised in curriculum development and Advanced First Aid training for the maritime and process industries.

As Director of TraumaSim®, she undertook Moulage and Disaster Exercise Design training in the U.S and drew on her medical background to bring realism to the art of casualty simulation.

She is absolutely passionate about her work and is a qualified Military Moulage Technician and also completed training in Enhanced Moulage Techniques.

“Nola’s ability to capture and replicate cutting edge methods was outstanding, and she is leading the way with her company to provide highly realistic casualty simulation results for her clients."
"Nola's professionalism and commitment to providing the highest quality products and services puts TraumaSim® at the top of their game, and the go-to company for all your training exercise needs.”



Moulage Technician & Special Effects Workshop
Anna holds the following qualifications:

  • Moulage Technician Training
  • Advanced Diploma Technical Theatre, Props & Scenery - WAAPA
  • Mechanist at State Theatre Western Australia


Moulage Technician & Special Effects Workshop
Andrew holds the following qualifications:

  • Moulage Technician Training
  • Bachelor of Science Marine Biology
  • Theatre Design and Production


Moulage Technician
Ali holds the following qualifications:

  • Moulage Technician Training
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Associate Diploma in Health Science (Natural Skin Care)
  • Diploma in Makeup Artistry


Queensland Business Development

Moulage Technician
Mel holds the following qualifications:

  • Moulage Technician Training
  • Bachelor of Paramedicine - Federation University
  • Bachelor of Nursing - University New England


Queensland Business Development

Role Player (amputee)
Casualty Role Players
We have a supply of actors to call upon for your scenarios as required