Students and professionals alike are seeking advancements in simulated learning to meet the growing need across the world to achieve higher competencies in emergency, first aid, medical and healthcare training. TraumaSim have the drive and capability to provide solutions, via products and/or services, that achieve realism in simulation, promote skills retention and improve overall goals and outcomes.

Offering bespoke scenarios and solutions, our team will work with experts in your industry and field to develop specific medically accurate trauma wounds and injuries, and create an unforgettable learning environment directly relevant to your staff, students and workplace risks. The realism experienced within this simulated emergency scenario provides hands-on training in a safe environment yet still evokes a sense of urgency and aims to better prepare responders for action in a real life emergency situation.

The TraumaSim team can create a complete hands-on training environment through single or multiple casualty scenarios and combine realistic trauma wounds and injuries, applied to manikins or experienced live role players via moulage, with other props and consumables such as blood, broken glass and simulated odours to create the realistic scene required. 

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