Medical Part Task Trainers

Part Task Trainers, also known as Skills Trainers, are units designed for education of a specific practical task. These trainers allow for repeated practise of individual skills while developing confidence and competency via skills retention and improved muscle memory.

A major benefit of these task trainers is that they allow instructors to validate, or assess competency, in a skill prior to allowing students to perform said skill on a real person. This allows trainees to practise in a safe environment, ensuring that their first encounter with real patients is when they are at higher levels of technical and clinical proficiency.

Whilst numerous task trainers have been developed to meet many specific medical training needs, our products focus on suturing, haemorrhage control, haemostatic dressing and tourniquet application – all which support vital first aid training plus tactical combat casualty care (TCCC), medic and paramedic programs around the world.

Our task trainers are latex-free, made from medical grade quality silicone with a life-like look and feel, are available in 11 different skin colours (with customisation options) and are available in various body parts (arm, leg, thigh, torso) with varying wounds and injuries such as lacerations, gunshot wounds or amputation. For the wounds and injuries that require bleeding, these simulate blood flow from the designated area which is stopped when the student applies the correct tourniquet or wound packing techniques.

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