TraumaSim Announces New Major European Distributor

16th Oct 2023

TraumaSim Announces New Major European Distributor

TraumaSim are excited to announce our newest European partner Roraco, founded over 80 years ago the company is now one of the largest providers of first aid supplies, medical training and education equipment, including simulation products across Europe. On the 19th of September 2023, Roraco signed an exclusive distributor agreement with TraumaSim to promote and sell TraumaSim products from their Austrian headquarters and throughout Europe. This partnership will see Roraco working with our existing European partners to ensure the importance of realism and quality within training and simulation is encouraged across all industries.

Roraco will represent TraumaSim to the wider communities, ensuring easier access to our life saving, medically accurate and realistic range of products. The addition of the full TraumaSim range, to Roraco’s existing offerings, positions Roraco as an industry leader and a major player in the simulation and education environment.

Since 2008, TraumaSim have been providing medically accurate products and services designed to simulate realistic wounds, injuries and medical conditions that assist in the training and assessment of medics, first responders and healthcare professionals around the globe. Realism within simulation and training significantly improves student retention, improving mental resilience and the response to major trauma events, enabling the first responder to act quickly and save lives!

TraumaSim’s core values and commitment to ensuring first responders and patient outcomes are of the highest quality align with Roraco’s commitment to protect and save lives.

“We have worked hard to find a suitable European hub and believe we have found a fantastic solution in Roraco, with staff and supporters positioned across Europe, we are looking forward to working together to ensure all Defence, emergency personal, first responders and healthcare professionals are given the opportunity to train with our realistic training aids and simulation products.” Nola Pearce, President TraumaSim

“We are excited about the partnership with Trauma Sim and the added value this portfolio extension provides to our company” says Managing Director Mag. Andrea Rembor.

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