A COVID-19 success story : how we survived a global crisis

20th Jan 2021

A COVID-19 success story : how we survived a global crisis

We acknowledge that 2020 has been a hugely challenging year for everyone, and our thoughts are with all of you around the world trying to manage and survive this ongoing pandemic.

At TraumaSim Group we have felt difficulties with the postponement of nearly all training and events globally, impacted further by tight travel and border restrictions around the world, ongoing freight & supply chain issues plus we experienced a near collapse in product sales.

Just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we acquired a sister company called Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation in the USA and transition to this business and ability to service our customers remains a challenge.

However, with the support of our valued suppliers, distributors, customers and staff – we have not only survived, but have grown and continue to expand our team and product line!

Initially, we undertook all and any activity that would retain some form of cashflow and keep our valued team members working. This resulted in us bottling sanitiser for Woolworths and other freight logistic companies who were desperate for urgent distribution and we’re really proud to have helped in this way.

Despite the above, the business pushed forward and decided on growth and innovation as the way forward and, as a team, we have successfully;

  • moved to bigger & better premises,
  • invested in infrastructure & improved production facilities,
  • Revamped our brand and digital presence,
  • Engaged in Research & Development activities,
  • Developed new product lines & launched 3 x new training aids,
  • Undertook an internal restructure, improving efficiency & culture, and
  • Expanded employment & internal capabilities to include marketing, sales, customer service and operations.

Whilst risky business during the instability of a global crisis, the result of our hard work has seen an early recovery of domestic product sales and the establishment of new and exciting distribution partnerships in Italy, UK & Ireland with enquiries from Spain and Eastern Europe.

The TraumaSim Group are proud to have pushed through and are looking forward to continuing our path of growth, supporting our partners and customers around the globe.

Please see more via an interview with Nola Pearce who was featured in the WA Defence Review last year.