The Manniskin - V2 Little Anne

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This advanced model provides the choice of wig/hair colour and has advanced paint detail on the face to elevate the realism.
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Introducing a new and easy to use product that will enable you to completely change your training delivery with a quick, budget friendly solution. Updating your CPR training manikin has never been so easy with The ManniskinSimply drop this highly realistic skin onto your current Little Anne and away you go ! A simple, low-cost yet high-impact solution to take your training to the next level.

  • easy care, clean & storage
  • no maintenance
  • simple application / setup
  • multiple skin colour options
  • plus further customisations (wigs, eyelahses, face detail)

Acknowledging both diversity and multiculturalism, this innovation is a leap forward in the endless quest to improve training simulations and will greatly assist in removing key barriers to saving lives.

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