Our Work

TraumaSim® has been providing moulage services designed to simulate traumatic injury, disease and medical conditions for the training and assessment of medics and healthcare professionals since 2008.

The use of special effects to portray trauma or medical conditions accurately, adds impact and realism to any training program. Realistic scenarios help achieve higher levels of competence in trainees and create an unforgettable training experience.

The use of simulation in modern healthcare and emergency training is a vast and growing industry as students in healthcare are no longer able to simply access clinical placements for practice of skills. Also the growing global terrorism risk has meant that industries such as security, police and everyday first aiders are now training in emergency medical skills that were once the realm of military medics.

Our simulation support to emergency and medical training falls under several categories:

  • Moulage services
  • Part task training aids
  • Silicone wounds
  • Moulage supplies
  • Body parts & props
  • Moulage workshops

TraumaSim® serve many organisations and industries to enhance their training:

  • Defence - Military
  • Medical education
  • Paramedic
  • Police & Security
  • Aviation
  • Mining and Resources
  • Road and Rail Transport
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • First Aid Training and Safety Responders