TraumaSkin FX DermaBurn

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Create a realistic mid dermal burn with our TraumaSkin FX DermaBurn product. Can be applied to live role player (standardised patient) or manikin. Check out our HOW TO video below!
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TraumaSkin FX DermaBurn is an amazing transparent material sheet that applies easily and quickly to skin with just a spray of water or any other liquid medium. Once moistened it shrinks, molds, and adheres to skin all in one step so you can shape it into a 3rd degree burn, skin peel, or whatever skin disfigurement or injury you want to create.  It dries into the shape you conform and mold it to do. Works perfectly on role players as well as patient simulator manikins

It’s completely transparent so once it’s damp it takes on the colour of the skin underneath it.  Use it to create all kinds of 3 dimensional skin traumas, such as second and third degree burns, skin sloughing or peeling or whatever your wound scenario requires for skin surface trauma.  It’s easy to apply; just cut a desired length from the package, arrange it on skin 3 dimensionally, and spritz with a little bit of water.  Once it starts to shrink or melt a bit you can continue to shape and mold it on skin as it dries. Then finish it out with some dirt, charcoal or blood effects for a realistic injury.  It's a great, out-of-kit effect that is fast and easy to apply but with hyper-realistic looking results.