Suture Line Healing

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Our realistic wounds & injuries are made with high quality silicone providing a very durable product with tapered edges to assist with application and blending. This large Healing Suture Line wound is part of our stick-on TraumaWear range - wearables for rapid moulage & repeat use. Available in 11 colours or customised. Check out our video below!
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Our realistic silicone wounds are made from high quality materials with medically accurate detailing. They are the stick-on solution of our extensive TraumaWear range and can be applied to a live role player (standardised patient) or manikin.

The tapered edges assist with application and blending, creating a seamless look on your talent.

Available individually and in kits, these wounds should be applied using Spirit Gum and other related products.

Dimensions = 13 x 7.5 x 0.5 (cm) (may differ slightly)