Medical Part Task Trainers

Emergency Tourniquet Trainers

The TraumaSim® Emergency Tourniquet Trainers silicone wound and bleeding artery increases realism to improve trainee skill and confidence under pressure.

It is a simulated thigh or upper arm with realistic wounds connected to a pump. Simulated blood flowing from the wound is stopped when the tourniquet is correctly applied. The fleshy wound end can also be used to demonstrate and practice stump dressing technique.

Emergency Tourniquet Trainers are available to purchase as single limbs or sets of 2 or 4 limbs. They are also available to hire.








Haemostatic Clotting Trainers

The TraumaSim® Haemostatic Clotting Trainers are designed to allow users to demonstrate and practice the packing of a large bleeding wounds.

Life-cast silicone skin looks and feels real adding realism to improve trainee skill and confidence.

Available as a small packable bleeding wound in a simple block, a large femoral wound in a thigh or as a life cast torso which is designed to allow users to demonstrate and practice management of critical wounds to the chest, abdomen and groin.

Each has sim-blood delivery system for instructor controlled bleeding.

These models improves trainee skill and confidence in treating life threatening haemorrhage.