Raising Road Safety with Students

Fantastic to be part of this major event today. The feedback from students on ABC country hour interviews was awesome, the event had 15 minutes of live cross which was broadcast across all of regional WA. As a pilot program combining road and farm safety it appeared get the safety message through. Road Accident Scenario…
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TraumaSim helps test anti-terror capabilities

Emergency services swarming a derailed train in inner-city Brisbane was not designed to cause alarm, but to give residents confidence in Queensland's ability to deal with a terrorism incident. Queensland Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Mike Keating said Brisbane was in the middle of a three-day counter-terrorism training exercise dubbed Exercise Jarvis. (link to article) TraumaSim…
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Hollywood-style makeup wounds help paramedic training, study finds

Source ABC News: By Eliza Laschon Posted 19 Oct 2016, 5:41pm full article Paramedic students treating patients with Hollywood-style fake wounds and blood have been found to get the job done faster, research has found. However, the study by Edith Cowan University (ECU) lecturer Dr Brennen Mills also found the students were more prone to mistakes. Dr…
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