Raising Road Safety with Students

Fantastic to be part of this major event today. The feedback from students on ABC country hour interviews was awesome, the event had 15 minutes of live cross which was broadcast across all of regional WA. As a pilot program combining road and farm safety it appeared get the safety message through.

Road Accident Scenario
Additionally the scenario called for a light vehicle carrying an unknown farm chemical, TraumaSim created a safe simulated chemical smell. The purpose of the smell, was part of the instruction of alerting students to assess hazards before undertaking first aid assistance. For the record, we created simulated chemical burns, severe facial and head trauma, and open tibial fracture.

Thanks to Farmsafe WA, Great Eastern Highway Road Safety Alliance, CBH, WFI, WA Farmers Federation, WA Road Transport Association and Training Course Experts for organising and contributing to the event.

TraumaSim looks forward to working with Farmsafe WA, WA Road Transport Association and Road Safety Commission WA to expand the program across WA.

Watch the video

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