First Aid Gets a Does of Reality

TraumaSim was interviewed by the Trucking Industry's largest magazine, discussing Traumasim's involvement in the helping to improve first aid training in truck drivers.

Article Extract

THEY say you'll never know what you're going to do in an emergency until it happens.

That may be the case, but TraumaSim director Nola Pearce aims to take you as close as possible to the real thing, to help medical workers, firefighters and transport operators alike prepare for any situation life may throw at them.

Now some of the state's road transport operators and associations are looking to see how they could use TraumaSim to train drivers, who are often some of the first on the scene of major crashes.

"Truck drivers unfortunately happen to be the people that come across these incidents first in remote areas, of course it would help if they are trained up," Nola said.

"Having the confidence to deal with an emergency situation makes a huge impact."

Nola, who began her career as a nurse, said the move to first aid and then simulation training was sparked by a passion to teach.

"There is a big difference from classroom training to actually practising skill in the moment, I always wanted to give my students something more realistic to practice on," she said.

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