Lifecast Male Torso - Bleeding Wounds

HIRE unit - must be collected
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Want to have a go at home or in your own time? Or like the products but not sure how often you’ll need to utilise a task trainer, HIRE them! A fantastic option to try before you buy. Daily, weekly or monthly hire options and meets the needs of ASQA's practical training aid requirement for Advanced First Aid Training in Australia.
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The TraumaSim® Trauma Training Torso is designed to allow users to demonstrate and practice management of critical wounds to the chest, abdomen and groin. Life-cast silicone skin looks and feels real adding realism to improve trainee skill and confidence. The 3 simulated wounds have separated sim-blood delivery systems for controlled bleeding. Wounds:

  • chest gun shot entry
  • sub-diaphragmatic stab wound
  • large open femoral wound.